Info about Langkawi Geopark
Langkawi geopark - island , caves , mountains , wildlife , people and culture .

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Kilim Geoforest
Manchinchang Geoforest
Dayang Bunting Marble

What's attractive in Langkawi Geopark ?

Various kinds of rocks formations.Any species of wildlife and plants (bioddversity-flora and fauna,sea and land).Beautiful beaches coastlines and tropical island karsts .

There are Geoforest Parks within Langkawi Geopark ;

1. Manchinchang Geoforest Park
  • Cambria age (450-550 years old
  • oldest rocks and historical proof that it is the birthplace of Malaysia and South East Asia .
2. Kilim Geoforest Park
  • Tropical island Kasrt landscape (lime stone),unique and amongst the most beautiful in the world .
  • Formed from erosions,weathering and climatic changes.
3. Dayang Bunting Marble
  • Showcasing the most marvelous marbles formation,the finest in the world .Dayang Bunting Lake started off as a cave, a doline formation .
Highlights of Langkawi Geopark ? - What is Special ?

Langkawi has the right package to be a well known world class Geopark ;

  • First geopark with a duty free status.
  • First geopark that encompasses of 99 beautiful islands .
  • Birthplace of Malaysia and South East Asia,550 years ago ,the Machinchang Cambrian .
  • Wholesome nature package ,geology and biodiversity-unique and prominent .
  • Permanent forest reserves already exist in Langkawi,elements of conservation are already in place .
  • More than 90 geosites has been identified to have high heritage value .
  • Prominent Karst geomorphology landscape ,sea arches,sea stacks,fossils ,glacial dropstones ,waterfalls ,ancient seabed etc.
  • Legends and myths add mystery and colours to the local culture ,which is also an added important feature of Langkawi Geopark .
  • Culture and the socioeconomy represent added attractions in Langkawi Geopark .