Langkawi house for rent Craft Complex


Location: Teluk Yu
Nestled on a hillside overlooking the sea ,This magnificent complex offers a wide range of Malaysian handicraft such as delicate hand-drawn batik and intricately carved silverwave .

Address :
Komplek Kraft Langkawi
Teluk Yu
Air Hangat
07000 Langkawi


Open Daily : 10am - 6pm
Ticket : Free

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langkawi craft

langkawi craft

The Langkawi Craft Complex is located at the picturesque Teluk Yu (Shark Bay) in Air Hangat. It is only about 21 km from Kuah Town via Ulu Melaka road and 24 km from Langkawi Airport. The complex is accesible by car.

This is a one-stop arts and crafts centre brimming with much sought-after items of craftworks - from forest-based products, fabrics, ceramics, to metal artifacts and beautiful objects reprensenting the various ethnic groups of Malaysians. At the demostration centre of the complex, visitors can learn from skilled craftsmen the intricate techniques of producing local works such as weaving batik painting, wood carving, and plaiting. Also on display are static representations of wedding ceremonies and customs of Malaysians.


langkawi craft complex langkawi craft complex
langkawi craft complex langkawi craft complex

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