Langkawi house for rent D Cenang Tobacco And Cigars House


Location: Pantai Cenang ( Cenang Beach )

D Cenang Tobacco & Cigars House
Lot gf 22 , Cenang Mall

Open Daily : 10am - 10pm

For reservation :

Phone :04-9551858


D Cenang Tobacco & Cigars House


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d cenang tobacco house cigar cuban

Welcome to Tobacco House in Pantai Cenang!
Cigars are composed of three types of tobacco leaves, whose variations determine smoking and flavor characteristics:
Some cigars, especially premium brands, use different varieties of tobacco for the filler and the wrapper. "Long filler cigars" are a far higher quality of cigar, using long leaves throughout. These cigars also use a third variety of tobacco leaf, a "binder", between the filler and the outer wrapper. This permits the makers to use more delicate and attractive leaves as a wrapper. These high-quality cigars almost always blend varieties of tobacco. Even Cuban long-filler cigars will combine tobaccos from different parts of the island to incorporate several different flavors.

d cenang tobacco house cigar cuban